The overall objective of the Risk and Crisis Management Programme is to assist members to assess and mitigate risks related to tourism. Furthermore, to develop, plan and implement crisis systems that will reduce the impact of and assist in the recovery from crises. The programme and projects are guided by the relevant provision in the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.  Read more.


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31 Mar 14
Press Release
UNWTO welcomes the UK government decision to review the Air Passenger Duty
UNWTO has been long advocating for the need to review the current APD scheme. The existing band scheme, according to which values to be paid by travellers are calculated according to the distance...
24 Jan 14
Press Release
Visa facilitation and air connectivity - key areas for tourism development in Africa
With international tourist arrivals growing by 6% in the region for the second consecutive year, Africa is one of the fastest growing tourism regions in the world. Between 2000 and 2013,...
20 Jan 14
Press Release
International tourism exceeds expectations with arrivals up by 52 million in 2013
Demand for international tourism was strongest for destinations in Asia and the Pacific (+6%), Africa (+6%) and Europe (+5%). The leading sub-regions were South-East Asia (+10%), Central and Eastern...
20 Jan 14
Press Release
ASEAN countries could win up to 10 million new visitors by easing visa procedures
The Impact of Visa Facilitation in ASEAN Member States, shows that the region is one of the most open in the world in terms of tourist visa requirements. Collaboration between countries and recent...
16 Jan 14
Press Release
UNWTO activities at FITUR 2014
UNWTO Press Conference – Latest International Tourism Figures and Outlook for 2014 (20 January, 16.00 – 17.00, UNWTO Headquarters) FITUR 2014 will be preceded by UNWTO’s annual press conference at...